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Bluebeam Drawings – Uploading

Bluebeam Drawings Issues


We’re back in action. The issue affecting Drawings has been fixed. If you were previously experiencing issues, please re-upload your files and they should complete processing without issue. We apologize again for any inconvenience.

Let us know if you’re still experiencing any problems.


The Drawings Service is back up. If you had files that were stuck Processing and have not yet Completed, you may need to re-upload. We will continue to monitor this issue and inform you of any updates.

Let us know if you’re still experiencing any problems.


We’re currently looking into issues reported on Bluebeam Drawings regarding the uploading of files. We’re sorry for any inconvenience. Subscribe or check back here for updates.

FYI, as part of our process we post an interim update once service is operational, and then we monitor performance before officially closing out an issue and sending a final notification. We have noticed that many subscribers don’t have their notification preferences configured to receive this interim update. We encourage you to update your subscription preferences and set your notification level to “All” to receive these interim updates.